Khong River House

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Where to find warmth in a bowl this winter

December 2, 2014

By Anne Roderique-Jones


Thai chicken and coconut soup

Patricia Yeo, of Khong River House in Miami Beach, Fla., dishes out a soup with fragrant flavors found along Southeast Asia’s Mekong River. The restaurant’s executive chef and Top Chef Master alumnus takes all-natural chicken that’s steeped in a steaming bowl of coconut milk with fiery chilies, fresh cilantro, along with fish sauce, spiked with lime and fresh ginger. The result is an herbaceous broth with hearty chicken that makes for an exotic, yet soul-warming dish.

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Moveable Feasts

November 24, 2014


Patricia Yeo

Khong River House, Miami Beach

Our secret is that we use real lard in our pie dough—I swear I can feel my arteries clogging, but it makes a super-flakey dough. Also, my grandmother made a great stuffing with Thai sticky rice, lotus seeds, black mushrooms and ham, with lots of ground white pepper.