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Andrew Zimmern
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16 Things We Learned at SOBEWFF

February 26, 2014

By Andrew Zimmern


Another South Beach Wine & Food Fest has come and gone.

And yes, it was hot, humid and awesome. HUGE thanks to Lee Schrager & his team for putting on what I like to think of as spring break for the culinary world…. except in this case, what happened on spring break is not staying on spring break. We at Food Works are dishing on the best stuff happening behind the scenes at SOBE. Our top 16 things, in no particular order.

1. John Kunkel, the mastermind behind Yard BirdKhong River HouseSwine & Patpong Road is the most down to earth, smart dude we’ve met in a long time. Really, let’s hang out, John.

2. Speaking of Khong River House, you gotta eat there. Soon.

Miami New Times
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SOBEWFF: Andrew Zimmern Hosts Xi’an Famous Foods Dinner Tomorrow at Khong


Andrew Zimmern admits it: He was being a little greedy. When the celebrity chef first spoke with South Beach Wine & Food Festival founder Lee Schrager about hosting an event this year, he mentioned Jason Wang.

“Nothing could be more selfish. I love Jason Wang,” Zimmern says. “Lee Schrager and I are both also big fans of Khong River House, so we thought, Well, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a dinner with the Xi’an Famous Foods guys down at Khong. And everyone just said yes. It took all of about ten minutes to go from an idea to an event, and ten minutes later, it became a sold-out event.”

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