Khong River House

Khong River House is owned and operated by 50 Eggs Inc., a multi-faceted,
full-service creative firm focused on developing irrepressible brands within the hospitality and entertainment industries. 50 Eggs also owns and operates the James Beard semi-finalist Yardbird Southern Table and Bar and Swine Southern Table and Bar.

50 Eggs. What’s in a name?

In the late 1960′s film classic, Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s devil-may-care attitude lands him in a Florida jail for cutting off the heads of parking meters. Outnumbered, Newman is dared by his cellmates to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in
an hour. Fueled by his stubborn instincts and unwillingness to conform, Newman trumps his naysayers and defies all odds – proving that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

It’s this ethos on which our company was founded. 50 Eggs is a place where ideas become plans, plans become actions, actions become success. It’s a place where we always find a way to overcome the impossible – a place where we
can eat 50 eggs. Can you?

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